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George Coldwell

b.? d.?

George Coldwell – The following is the only entry in our Annals concerning him: “1557, Jan. 29th. Georgius Coldwell, Northamptoniensis, examinatus et approbatus est, priùs in universitate Cantabrigiæ, gratiâ seu dispensatione admissus ad praxin, nullo gradu insignitus, probus tamen atque doctus.” From the Athenæ Cantab. (vol.ii, p.209) we learn, that he had in 1542 a grace to be M.B., conditionally on his being examined and approved of, by the doctors in that faculty. The grace states, that he had studied physic nine years, and practised in London and elsewhere. It seems that he subsequently settled at Northampton, and was residing there in 1596.

William Munk

[Telephone 1059 Rusholme. Chadlington House, Victoria Park, Manchester, June 6, 32. Dear Mr Barlow, I hope I don’t worry you too much with my ideas about former fellows. If so please excuse me. I find in the registers of the Manchester Collegiate (Cathedral) Church an entry: 1600 Mar? 21 George Coldwell ? of Arts & ? in phisique (burial). I have been going ? the matter & think this must be the George Coldwell on the College list. I have not had an opportunity of looking up the will at Somerset House but will do so when I get a chance. You may think it worth while keeping this note with papers about him in case it may give someone a help.
I have now a list of all ? whose wills were proved at Chester, (ie Lancashire & Cheshire) from 1600-1820 & shall be pleased at any time to see if anyone in whom you are interested is on the list or if you prefer to loan you the list for you to look through yourself. I am yours sincerely E Bosden Leach?]

William Munk

(Volume I, page 58)

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