Lives of the fellows

Richard Catcher

b.1595 d.1 June 1651
AB Cantab(1615-6) AM(1619) MD(1624) FRCP(1634)

Richard Catcher, MD, was born in the county of Middlesex, and educated at Peterhouse, Cambridge. He proceeded AB 1615-6; AM 1619; was licensed to practise by the university in May, 1624; and was created MD by royal mandate, 14th December, 1624. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 2nd November, 1633; and a Fellow 22nd December, 1634. He died of dropsy, after a protracted illness, on the 1st June, 1651, aged 56, and was buried the following day at St Bartholomew’s the Less. By his will he bequeathed to the College 25l which was paid on the 22nd December, 1651.(1)

William Munk

[(1) “Vir multimodis beatus: cognitione linguarum et literarum, quibus a parvulo initiatus est: dein uxore, materfamilias ornatissimâ; nec multò post filio, unico quidem, sed jam pubere, erudito et apprimè obsequente. Beatus denique (ut minora transeam) tam re labore partâ, quàm relictâ. Ipse interim nunquam domi forisve sordidus, omnis etiam doli purus, præter molestum ilium nimis pronæ aliquando suspicionis. In summâ, Regi suo, inter paucos, fidelis, et pro sorte suâ, munificus: talis etiam suo medicorum Londinensium Collegio.”- Hamey.]

(Volume I, page 218)

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