Lives of the fellows

Ernest Rock (Sir) Carling

b.6 March 1877 d.15 July 1960
Kt(1944) MB BS Lond(1902) Hon LLD Belf(1952) MRCS LRCP(1901) FRCS(1904) Hon FFR(1940) *FRCP(1945)

Sir Ernest Rock Carling had a frail-looking figure, but a bright, penetrating eye that showed his tireless, bustling energy. To many, among them sometimes his patients, he seemed rather aloof; but those who worked with him, whether on duty or for charitable causes, knew him as a sympathetic friend, eager to help all who sought his advice; of such were the residents and nursing staff of Westminister Hospital. There his flawless, if bold surgical technique did not always get the end-results it deserved.

He was born at Guildford, the third son of F. R. Carling, J.P. After taking the conjoint qualification and the M.B.(Lond.), he proceeded to the F.R.C.S. He spent all his professional life at Westminister Hospital, finally as senior surgeon. His hobby was work; to each individual task he gave his individual attention. Such forceful application was well shown in his interest in every aspect of the planning and building of the present Hospital which was opened in 1939.

After his retirement he travelled extensively as war-time adviser to the Ministry of Health on hospital administration, and later enjoyed to the full his arduous work on irradiation, serving on the Cancer and Radiotherapy, and the Ionisation and Radiation Hazards Committees of the Central Health Services Council, and on the Health and full Committees of the Atomic Energy Commission. Such devoted service was recognised in the Hon. LL.D, of Queen’s University, Belfast, the honorary fellowship of the Faculty of Radiologists, and in our own Fellowship.

In 1901 he married Petra, daughter of the Rev. E. D. Rock, of Creeting St. Peter, Suffolk. They had two sons. He died at the age of eighty-three.

Richard R Trail

* Elected under the special bye-law which provides for the election to the Fellowship of "Persons holding a medical qualification, but not Members of the College, who have distinguished themselves in the practice of medicine, or in the pursuit of Medical or General Science or Literature..."

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(Volume V, page 66)

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