Lives of the fellows

John Telfer Calvert

b.4 February 1864 d.20 September 1944
CIE(1919) MB Lond(1887) DPH Cantab MRCS MRCP(1906) FRCP(1917)

John Calvert, the son of J. M. Calvert of Rochdale, qualified at St. Thomas’s Hospital in 1887 and filled several house appointments in the Hospital before joining the Indian Medical Service in 1889. He experienced active service in his early years in India, at Manipur (1891) and in the Tirah campaign (1897-1898). Subsequently he entered the Bengal Civil Medical Department. As civil surgeon of Cuttack, he superintended the local medical school and followed his natural bent for surgery. Owing to a lack of prospects in this field, however, he became an M.R.C.P. in 1906 and obtained the appointments of professor of materia medica at the Calcutta Medical College and of physician to its Hospital. He was later promoted to be principal of the College and professor of medicine. He was also president of the Calcutta Board of Health. He received the C.I.E. shortly before leaving the Service, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, in 1919. Calvert, who retired to Eastbourne, was a popular, cheerful figure and an entertaining raconteur. He died at Eastbourne, survived by his wife Edith, daughter of A. Margetts of Wouldham, three sons and daughter.

G H Brown

[Lancet, 1944; B.M.J., 1944; Roll of I.M.S., 218]

(Volume IV, page 550)

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