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Saligram Kaul

b.1913 d. 17 February 2005

Saligram Kaul had a distinguished career in Kashmir, both as a physician and an administrator. Born in 1913, he was one of the three sons of Pandit Aftab Kaul Nizamat and his wife Devaki. The family lived in Brekujan which was part of Habbakadal. His father, Aftab, was a keen social reformer and a member of the theosophists. In 1948 Aftab was vice-president of the Kashmir Theosophist Lodge. He was a friend of the great Irish theosophist, Annie Besant, who had been elected the first woman president of the Indian National Congress in 1917.

Kaul was educated at the Babapora School and then the State High School. He studied at Sri Pratap College (SP College) in Srinagar and then completed his medical education at University in Lahore. Eventually he became principal of the Government Medical College in Srinagar and director of health services for Jammu and Kashmir, one of the largest states in India.

From an early age he had been involved in local politics and was part of a group of young people who gathered under the name ‘Fraternity’. They believed strongly in the rights of women to be educated and for widows to be able to remarry. They had to meet in secret as political organisations were illegal at the time. While he was at SP College, he was rusticated for taking part in political demonstrations. His firm commitment to social welfare never left him.

He died in 2005, after a brief illness.

RCP editor

[Kashmir Sentinal - accessed 27 March 2015]

(Volume XII, page web)

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