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Thomas Burwell

b.1626 d.30 January 1701/2
MD Leyden MD Cantab(1653) FRCP(1664)

Thomas Burwell, M.D., was a son of Edward Burwell, of Rougham, co. Suffolk, gent., by his wife Mary, daughter of Jeffery Pitman, of Woodbridge, in the same county, and was baptized at Woodbridge, 20th April, 1626. He was educated at Peterhouse, Cambridge, of which society he became a fellow. He was entered on the physic line at Leyden 3rd May, 1651, graduated doctor of medicine in that university, and was incorporated on that degree at Cambridge in 1653. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians, 22nd December, 1653, and a Fellow 20th October, 1664. On the 15th September, 1659, being then “of Allhallows Stayning, London” he married at Frampton, co. Dorset, Jane Haughton, of that parish, (1) [Staughton of that parish. ”She was the daughter of John Browne of Frampton Co. Dorset ? and had already been twice married, first to Walter Newburgh the rector of Symondsborough, and secondly to John Staughton ? – about the year 1665. Dr. Burwell settled at Dorchester] and about the year 1665 settled at Dorchester, in the same county. There he practised for several years. In the year 1677 Thomas Burwell, M.D., describing himself of Dorchester, gives an account of himself and family, which is entered in the Heralds’ Book. (2) His wife died in 1679, and was buried at Frampton. In 1683 he returned to London, and having by long absence lost his position as a fellow, was on the 25th June restored to it. (3) He was appointed an Elect 3rd July, 1684, in place of Dr. Whistler, deceased; was Censor in 1684, 1689, 1695, 1696; Registrar 23rd July, 1685 to 1688; Consiliarius, 1689, 1694, 1695, 1696, 1698, 1699; Treasurer, 1690 and 1691; President, 1692 and 1693. Dr. Burwell resigned his place of Elect 5th December, 1701. He died 30th January, 1701-2, and was buried at Woodbridge, Suffolk, 4th February, 1701-2.

He was the author of
Some Papers writ in 1664 in Answer to a Letter concerning the Practice of Physick. 4to. Lond., 1670.

William Munk

[(1) Hutchin’s Dorset, vol.i, p.353.
(2) D28, folio 60.
(3) 1683, Junii xxv. Dri Burwell gratia concedebatur pristinum in Collegii Societatis locum obtinendi, modo Sociorum numerus non sit completus, alioqui, quamprimùm eorum aliquis defecerit.]

[A NARRATIVE Of the Late Extraordinary Cure Wrought in an Instant upon Mrs. Eliz. Savage, (Lame from her Birth) Without the using of any Natural Means. With the Affidavits which were made before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor; and the Certificates of several Credible Persons, who knew her both before and since her Cure. Enquired into with all the Circumstances, by Noted Divines, both of the Church of England, and others: And by Eminent Physicians of the College: And many Persons of Quality, who have express’d their full Satisfaction. With an Appendix, attempting to prove, That Miracles are not ceas’d. London, Printed for John Dunton, and John Harris, 1694. Sm. 8vo, 19th-cent. half morocco (hinges and corners slightly chafed). 44 (instead of 46) pp., 1 leaf.
Only edition, of the greatest rarity, Wing N 193 recording the only copy in the Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, as extant in this country.
It is claimed that the woman, who had been afflicted with paralysis on her right side from birth, was cured at the age of 28 when her husband, a schoolmaster, read to her the third verse out of the eighth chapter of St Matthew. The affidavit of the physicians mentioned in the title appears on p.24, and it is dated Febr. 6, 1693. Thomas Burwell (1620-1701-2), the then president of the Royal College of Physicians, and Richard Morton (1637-1698), of “phthisis” fame, his fellow, testify that upon examination they had found Mrs. Savage’s right hand and arm straight and useful as the other, without mentioning how her cure was effected.
Lacks the half-title: the title-page is slightly damaged with the loss of the letter “A”. H Schuman. 8/64.]

[Thomas Burwell Suffolciensis admissus fuit pentionarius Tutore Mro Poulett. Scippon.
Chancellor of the Diocese of Durham. BA 1623 MA 1627 LLD (per mand) 1660. 1620, Sep 27, Found. Sch. 1624, Sep 24, Perne Sch.
Aet. 63 on Aug 10, 1666. Buried at S. Margaret’s, Westminster, 25 March 1673, aet.70.
5th s. (aged 8 in 1612) of Francis Burwell, of Sutton, Suffolk, Gent. (ob. 1627) by Jane, d. of Simon Mawe of Rendlesham, Suffolk, and a sister to Mary, wife of Sir Ralph Conyers, of Layton, Co. Durham.
Married 19 Feb 1632, at Durham, Anne Chapman, d. of Seth Chapman of Edmondsbury, Co. Suffolk, Gent., and stepdaughter of Dr Richard Hunt, Dean of Durham. His eldest son Thomas, who became Doctor of Physic, was baptised 26 Nov. 1633.
T.B. “Vicar-general of the Bishop of Durham,” subscribed £25 to Cosin’s Chapel Fund between 1634 and 1639. For Pedigree see Surtees iv (Annals of Durham 168). Metcalfe’s Suffolk Visit, 120.
The Burwells of Rougham Place, Suffolk, appear to have descended from the Burwells of Sutton. Visit. of Suffolk 1664-8, 192. See also Reg. of Durham Cath. 36.
Admissions to Peterhouse…in the University of Cambridge. Cambridge 1912, pp.15-16]

[P. See State Papers, p.182]

(Volume I, page 315)

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