Lives of the fellows

David Bruce

b.? d.?
MA St And MD Valence(1657) MD Oxon(1660) FRS

David Bruce, MD, was the son of Andrew Bruce, DD, principal of St Leonard’s college in the university of St Andrew’s. He was there educated, and admitted to the degree of master of arts. He then travelled into France, studied physic for many years in Paris and Montpelier, and being prevented by the plague from going into Italy and taking a degree at Padua, he went for a time to Lyons, and thence to Valence in Dauphiny, where he graduated doctor of medicine 7th May, 1657. He was incorporated at Oxford 12th April, 1660, and on the following 24th December was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians. He was physician to the duke and duchess of York. “After some years of attendance,” says Wood,(1) “being wearied by the Court toil, most of the service lying on him, because of his great-uncle Sir John Wedderbourne’s infirmity, the other physician to their royal highnesses, he retired from that employment, as Sir John had done a year before, and at length, after many peregrinations, finally settled himself at Edinburgh.” He was one of the original fellows of the Royal Society.

William Munk

[(1) Athenæ Oxon.]

(Volume I, page 297)

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