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Thomas Browne

b? d.1710
MB Cantab(1695) MD(1700) FRCP(1707)

Thomas Browne, M.D., was the only son of Dr. Edward Browne, a distinguished fellow, and for seven years President of our College, by his wife, a daughter of Christopher Terne, M.D. He was born in London, and baptized at St. Andrew’s Undershaft, 21st January, 1672-3, but spent most of his childhood at Norwich with his grandfather, the distinguished author of the " Religio Medici," and in that city would seem to have received his rudimentary education. At a suitable age he was sent to Cambridge, and entered at Trinity college, as a member of which he proceeded M.B. 1695, M.D. 1700. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 30th September, 1704, and a Fellow 30th September, 1707. On the death of his father, in 1708, Dr. Thomas Browne came into possession of a good house and estate at Northfleet, Kent, and retiring thither, gave way, if we may credit Le Neve’s statement, to habits of gross intemperance. He was killed in 1710, by a fall from his horse, while riding in a state of intoxication from Gravesend to Southfleet. His remains were interred in the church of Northfleet, and at the foot of his father’s monument is the following short memento :—

Hic etiam situs est Thomas Browne, M.D., ejusdem Edwardi Browne filius unicus. Ex hâc vitâ migravit Anno Ætatis 36° Annoque Domini 1710.

In 1698 he had married his cousin Alethea, fourth and youngest daughter of his uncle Henry Fairfax, esq., but she died in 1704, leaving no children, and was buried at Hurst, in Berkshire. Among the Sloane MSS. (No. 1,900) is an account in Dr. Thomas Browne’s handwriting of a tour he took, in company with Dr. Robert Plot, " for the discovery of antiquities and curiosities in England." This was published for the first time in Mr. Wilkin’s excellent edition of the works of Sir Thomas Browne.

William Munk

(Volume II, page 18)

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