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Mohan (Prince) Kaul

b.1 March 1906 d.5 April 2005
MB BS Punjab DPH MRCP FRCP(1964)

Prince Mohan Kaul was a former assistant director-general of the World Health Organization. He was born in Hindaun, India, the son of Sham Mohan Nath Kaul, who worked for the Indian Accounts Service, and Sham Kumari Munshi, the daughter of an excise officer. He was educated at Christ Church School, Simla, and then the Government High School in Simla and Delhi. He studied medicine at Forman Christian College, University of Punjab, and the King Edward Medical College and Hospital, Lahore.

In 1934 he joined the Indian Medical Service, Indian Army. Between 1935 and 1936 he served in the British operations against the Mohmand tribes on the northwest frontier. During the Second World War he was part of the Indian forces in Aden, and then in the 4th and 5th Indian divisions in North Africa. He spent the final three years of the war on the Burma front. He left the Indian Army with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

From 1945 to 1947, he was deputy public health commissioner to the government of India. He then joined the World Health Organization at its inception and was one of the key architects of several global health programmes. He became director of the Singapore Epidemiological Intelligence Station, and then, in 1949, became a medical officer at Geneva. From 1950 to 1952, he was director of the WHO New York Liaison Office. He was then director of the Office of Technical Assistance, later the Division of External Relations and Technical Assistance, WHO, between 1952 to 1956. From 1957 he was an assistant director-general.

He was the author of several reports on public health and global epidemiology. He won many awards, including the Dmitri Ivanovsky centenary medal from the Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR. He was a fellow of the Egyptian Public Health Association and the Academy of Medical Sciences, India.

In 1935 he married Krishna Kaul, the daughter of Ladli Pershad Razdan, of the Central Government Civil Service. They had one son and four daughters. Prince Mohan Kaul died in Montreal, Canada.

RCP editor

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(Volume XII, page web)

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