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Mustafa Rajab Al-Na’ama

b.26 February 1923 d.?
MB ChB Basrah MRCP FRCP(1978)

Mustafa Rajab Al-Na’ama was head of the department of medicine at the University of Basrah, Iraq. Born in Basrah, his father was Rajab A R Al-Na'ama, a landowner. After attending school locally, he studied medicine at Baghdad University School of Medicine and Basrah Teaching Hospital (BTH).

After qualifying he became junior and resident physician at the BTH and spent a year from 1948 to 1949 as a captain in the Iraq Army Medical Corps. This was followed by a period in the USA at the Jersey City Medical Centre, New Jersey.

On his return to Iraq, he was appointed a consultant physician and cardiologist at the BTH and then lecturer, and later assistant professor in the department of medicine at the university. Finally he became head of the department and was also appointed dean of the college of medicine in 1973.

A prolific writer, he contributed over 70 scientific papers to the literature of his subject, many on the pathology and treatment of leukaemia.

Outside medicine he enjoyed fishing, travelling, the study of ancient history and reading.

He was divorced in 1958 and was the father of three girls, one of whom, Lamia Mustafa Al-Na'ama, graduated in pharmacy from the University of Baghdad and eventually worked there as a lecturer in the department of biochemistry.

RCP editor

(Volume XII, page web)

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