Lives of the fellows

Mohamed Hassan El-Tayib

b.29 March 1937 d.22 July 2004
MB BS Khartoum(1962) MRCP(1968) FRCP(1983)

Mohamed Hassan El-Tayib was one of the most outstanding and best known physicians in Sudan. He was born in Khartoum and, after school in Omdurman, studied medicine at the University of Khartoum. After posts as junior medical officer in Port Sudan and medical registrar at Khartoum Teaching Hospital, he spent 18 months as visiting fellow at University College Hospital, London, under the aegis of Lord Rosenheim [Munk's Roll, Vol.VI, p.394], J C Hawksley [Munk's Roll, Vol.IX, p.229] and John Lennard-Jones.

On his return to Sudan, he gained extensive experience and gave great service as a physician in Wau, Kassala and Port Sudan. He then became consultant physician at Khartoum Teaching Hospital with teaching responsibilities at the University of Khartoum Medical School. During his time there he was appointed as senior physician to the Ministry of Health.

After leaving Khartoum Teaching Hospital in 1997 he was appointed as head of the cardiology department of the Sudan Heart Centre, where he was working at the time of his death.

He was a father figure to the many Sudanese physicians who trained in his unit. He encouraged them to spend time at medical centres in the UK and followed their progress abroad with great interest. He also arranged for UK physicians to visit the Sudan as teachers and examiners. These visits were enhanced by his genial personality and sense of humour, and by his generosity as a host.

In order to improve and develop medical services in Sudan, he travelled widely, especially to the UK, Middle East, Indian sub-continent and Europe. He became an examiner and honorary fellow of the Pakistan College of Physicians.

He leaves a wife, Safia, whom he married in 1964, and four daughters, one of whom, Safa, is a consultant cardiologist in Khartoum. He died from complications following a perforated gastric ulcer.

Bryan Stack


(Volume XI, page 181)

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