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Jamshed Sorab Moos

b.25 September 1925 d.30 March 2000
MB BS Wadia College, Poona(1949) MD Bombay(1951) MRCP(1952) FRCP(1979)

Jamshed Sorab Moos, endearingly called 'Jissa' to his family and friends was born into a family of intellectuals in Bombay. He entered the renowned Grant Medical College, Bombay, where by all accounts he had a brilliant passage, taking his examinations with ease, receiving many awards.

We were students together. Jissa was a year below me in college, but I always admired his intellect, which was outstanding compared to many of us.

We were in London together in 1951, when I was up for the membership examination. We went to the Guy's Hospital pathology museum to look at specimens together. I still recall that day. He knew so much that I told him that although he had just arrived in the UK, he should also sit the exam. I felt that he had a far better chance of passing than I did. Sure enough he took the exam with consummate ease in six months.

He then joined the National Heart and the Brompton Hospitals as house physician and registrar and acquitted himself splendidly. There he left behind many friends and admirers when he returned to his alma mater, the Grant Medical College as tutor and honorary assistant physician to the J J Group of Hospitals in 1955. His great desire, as his training indicates, was to promote and practice cardiology at this hospital and in Bombay. But local circumstances unfortunately prevented him from achieving this goal. This was, many believe, a major loss for Bombay cardiology and a denial of his full potential. However, he continued his career as a first class general physician and a strict but beloved teacher.

He was a caring physician to all. He retired early due to illness, leaving his many loyal patients dismayed. He had other interests besides medicine. He was a lover of Western classical music and a painter. He wrote a book on the Epic of medicine, which he did not live to see in print.

He leaves behind him his devoted wife Jean, and two children, one of whom is in the Royal Air Force in the UK.

N H Wadia

[Brit.medJ.,. 2000,321,515]

(Volume XI, page 404)

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