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Theodore Goulston

b.? d.4 May 1632
AM Oxon(1600) MD(1610) FRCP(1611)

Theodore Goulston, MD, was the son of William Goulston, rector of Wymondham in Leicestershire, but was born in the county of Northampton. He became probationer fellow of Merton college, Oxford, in 1596, and having taken the degrees in arts, AM 8th July, 1600, he applied himself to the study of physic, and practised for a time, with considerable reputation, at Wymondham and its neighbourhood. At length, having taken his doctor's degree at Oxford, 30th April, 1610, he removed to London, was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 22nd December, 1610, and a Fellow 29th December, 1611. He was Censor in 1615, 1616, 1625, 1626. Dr Goulston resided in the parish of St Martin's, Ludgate-hill, and was in great esteem, as well for classical learning and theology as for the practice of his profession.

Wood says, "He was an excellent Latinist, and a noted Grecian, but better for theology, as it was observed by those that knew him."(1) Dr Goulston died 4th May, 1632, and by his will bequeathed to the College 200l "to purchase a rent-charge for the maintenance of an annual lecture, to be read within the College some time between Michaelmas and Easter, by one of the four youngest doctors of the College. A dead body was, if possible, to be procured, and two or more diseases treated of, upon the forenoons and afternoons of three successive days."

Dr Goulston published -
Versio Latina et Paraphrasis in Aristotelis Rhetoricam. Lond. 1619.
Aristotelis de Poetica liber: Latinè conversus et analyticâ methodo illust. London 1623.

After Dr Goulston's death, his friend, Thomas Gataker, BD, published his
Versio, variæ Lectiones, et Annotationes Criticæ in opuscula varia Galeni. Lond. 1640.(2)

Dr Goulston had married Helen, the daughter of George Sotherton, a citizen of London and member of parliament for London.(3) She survived him, and dying 25th August, 1637, was buried with great pomp at St Martin's, Outwich, by the Heralds. Her funeral certificate is at the College of Arms.

William Munk

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(Volume I, page 157)

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