Lives of the fellows

Henry Yerbury

b.1628 d.25 March 1686
AB Oxon(1645-6) MD Padua(1654) MD Oxon(1658-9) MD Cantab(1668)

Henry Yerbury, MD, was the son of Edward Yerbury, of Trobridge, gent, and on the 20th May, 1642, being then fourteen years of age, was matriculated at Magdalen hall, Oxford. He was elected a demy of Magdalen college in that university in July, 1642, proceeded AB 7th February, 1645-6, was elected probationer fellow in 1647, but was ejected therefrom by the parliamentary visitors in 1648. He then proceeded to the continent, applied himself to the study of physic, and graduated doctor of medicine at Padua 11th April, 1654. He was incorporated at Oxford, on his doctor’s degree, 20th January, 1658-9, and also at Cambridge in 1668; and was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians, 25th June, 1659. On the restoration of Charles II he was reinstated in his fellowship at Magdalen college, and probably withdrew from the practice of physic; for I meet with a note in the Annals (23rd December, 1678), of his formal renunciation of claim to the fellowship of our College: “Dre Yerbury jus suum ad Societatem renunciante, literis scriptis et manu Dris Charlton traditis, &c.” He died at Oxford, 25th March, 1686, and was buried in the ante-chapel of Magdalen college, near the north door, where there is a monument to his memory, with the following inscription:-
Hujus Collegii Socius,
Vir natalibus juxta atq indole generosus.
Securi percusso Rege Carolo,
barbariem, quæ Monarchiam invaserat, exosus,
ultrò se in exilium contulit;
ubi Venetiis statim inter Proceres,
Paduæ inter Medicos inclaruit,
ab utrisq ita dilectus,
ut redux in patriam ad tot amicos
exulasse denique videretur,
nisi superstitisset insigne istud
Magdalenæ simul et Academiæ ornamentum
Reverendus præses Doctor Oliver,
cujus consuetudine vivus olim inexpletus,
ut quàm primum licuit mortuus frueretur,
juxta ejus exuvias suas recondi jussit
Anno salutis MDCLXXXVJ. Ætatis LXIIIJ.

William Munk

(Volume I, page 295)

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