Lives of the fellows

Lewis Ralph Yealland

b.11 June 1885 d.2 March 1954
MB West Ont(1911) MD West Ont(1912) Hon DSc West Ont(1948) MRCP(1922) FRCP(1937)

Lewis Yealland was born and educated in Canada. During the First World War he was resident medical officer and then registrar at the National Hospital, Queen Square. There he worked with Professor E. D. Adrian on war neuroses. Shortly afterwards he was appointed to the staff of the West End and the Prince of Wales Hospitals, and lecturer at the North East London Post-Graduate College and the Bethlem Royal Hospital. For his work as Canadian representative on the Executive Committee of the Universities Bureau of the British Empire his parent university granted him an honorary D.Sc.

Yealland, through a special interest in epilepsy, did much to elucidate the problems of hystero-epilepsy. At his clinic, by force of his strong personality and kindly approach, he could persuade his patients that every succeeding fit would be less than the last and that he would send for them when it was due. Seizures at home were reduced, and in most cases ceased entirely. Where the patient was beyond efficient treatment he brought to the household a calm acceptance and spiritual comfort.

In his early days he was a witty companion, fond of harmless practical jokes, but in later years he became very serious, devoting much of his time to alcoholics, whom he tried to reform by their acceptance of his evangelical, non-conformist, religious beliefs.

Richard R Trail

[Lancet, 1954, 1, 577-8.]

(Volume V, page 465)

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