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Henry Wotton

b.? d.?
MB Oxon(1562) MD(1567) FRCP(1571-2)

Henry Wotton, M.D., was the son of Edward Wotton, M.D., a Fellow of the College, who died in 1555. Henry Wotton was a student of Christchurch, Oxford, proctor of the university, Greek reader and fellow of Corpus Christi College, and proceeded M.B. 1562; M.D. 12th July, 1567. [Cand.] He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 12th May, 1564, a Fellow 18th January, 1571-2, and was Censor in 1581 and 1582. In 1584, when Dr. Turner resigned his appointment of physician to St. Bartholomew’s hospital, the College memorialised the treasurer and governors in favour of Dr. Wotton; with what success is not recorded in the Annals, and thus far I have been unable to discover from other sources. “1584, Decemb. xix. Decretum est his comitiis, ut literæ quædam petitoriæ in gratiam ac favorem D. Wootton scribantur, ad rectores et magistros Hospitii S. Bartholomæi, in hanc sententiam; scilicet, quoniam D. Turner, illius hospitii jam medicus, intra hos paucos dies munus illud suâ sponte relicturus est, idcirco rogare nos, ut D. Wootton, tum quia vir doctus est, et in medicinâ bene exercitatus, tum quia unus est ex nostri Collegii Societate, ad nostram petitionem in dicti Turneri locum subrogetur.”

To the Right Worshipful the Aldermen and Governors of the Hospitall of St. Bartholomew.
Right worshipfull,
Understanding that Mr. Dr. Turner is resolved to depart with the Physitian’s roome of the Hospitall of St. Bartholomew, and of this his resolucion hath given warning unto your Wisedoms: We, as well for the charitable care that we have for the better furnishing of your said Hospitall in that behalf, as also for some other good respects, have thought good to co’mend unto you for the same purpose Mr. Dr. Wootten, a man very well learned, one of this Society and Company, borne within the city, and of long and good practice in the same. Of whom, if at our request it shall please you to make good liking, we doubt not but that the sequale itself will right well declare how good and convenient a choice you have made therein. We are not herein to press yor Wisedoms any further than may stand with yor good pleasure. But yet if this our honest motion may take place, we shall think ourselves well respected, and that you have had a good regard both to us and our priviledges in placing none other there but such as is of our Society, and therefore will be most ready and willing in what we may to requite yor curtesies. And for so much as that place hath oftentimes great and strange accidents and divers cases of importance not elsewhere usuall, if this our said College and Fellows maie be admitted to the same, we will be ready from time to time as occasion shall serve in all such matters of difficulty and moment, to allowe and impart unto him our best advice and conference – a matter to the poor sick and diseased of no small co’modity and comfort. And, albeit so noble and well governed a city as this is, is rather to give than take example by any other whatsoever, yet whereas in all other honble cities and towns in all Europe, where the like hospitalls are maintained, the Physitian is always provided out of the body of the Society and College of the Physitions of the same city, we leave the consideration of this their discreet and honble dealing herein to be rather thought upon and considered by yor Wisedoms than of us to be further urged. And so comit yor Worships to the good government of the Almightie.
At our College this vij. of January, 1584.
Yor Wor’ps assured Friendes,

William Munk

[Henry Wotton. Adm’on in ? Court of London 9 Nov 1585 – Henry Wotton of St Sepulchre’s London MD – to daughters Margt W & Katherine W. Mr J C C Smith’s Notes.]

(Volume I, page 70)

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