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John Bostock

b.1744 d.10 March 1774
MD Edin(1769) Ex LRCP(1770)

John Bostock, M.D., was educated at Edinburgh, under Dr. Cullen, whose esteem and affection he soon succeeded in obtaining. His assiduity in the study of practical medicine in the wards of the Royal infirmary attracted the marked notice of Dr. Cullen, and called forth from him the following handsome encomium on the occasion of Dr. Bostock’s graduation:— "Quantum in studio practico operam posuit, norunt condiscipuli ejus omnes qui viderunt quot et quantos labores in Nosocomio exantlaverit, dum collegæ amicissimo et mihi assiduus comes et adjutor egregius, ipse praxin medicam penitus ediscere voluit, nec ex dictatis nostris, sed noctu diuque ad lectos ægrotantium assidens a natura ipsa quid faciat aut ferat noscere voluit." He graduated doctor of medicine at Edinburgh in 1769 (D.M.I. de Arthritide), and was admitted an Extra-Licentiate of the College of Physicians of London 13th March, 1770. Dr. Bostock settled at Liverpool in that year, and was at once appointed physician to the Royal infirmary there. Dr. Cullen predicted that his talents would secure for him a brilliant future, but the hopes of his friends were doomed to be disappointed. "He had scarcely settled in Liverpool, married advantageously, and become possessed of a son, (1) than he sank beneath an incurable disease, himself predicting the fatal termination, calmly resigning the sweetest blandishments of life, and in his last moments emulating the exit of a Socrates or a Seneca." (2) Dr. Bostock died 10th March, 1774, at the age of thirty.

William Munk

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(2) Thomson's life, Lectures and Writings of William Cullen, M.D., vol. I, p.645, et seq]

(Volume II, page 286)

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