Lives of the fellows

Maurice (Sir) Williams

b.? d.1658
MD Padua MD Oxon(1628) FRCP(1633)

Sir Maurice Williams, MD, was born in London, and educated at Oriel college, Oxford, of which house he was elected a fellow in 1620. He took the degree of doctor of medicine at Padua, and was incorporated thereon at Oxford, 27th October, 1628. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians, 13th August, 1629; and, as we learn from Wood, resigning his fellowship at Oriel in 1631, then took up his abode in London, and was admitted a Fellow of our College, 15th April, 1633. In the College list for 1637, he stands among the “Socii in longinquis partibus,” being then in Ireland in the capacity of physician to the viceroy, from whom he received the honour of knighthood. He was Censor in 1648, 1649, 1655; Anatomy Reader 1648; Elect, 16th May, 1651; and Consiliarius, 23rd October, 1657, in place of Dr Wright, deceased. In June, 1655, he was married at St Andrew’s, Holborn, to Jane Mawhood. Wood tells us that he died at his house within the parish of St Anne’s, Blackfriars, in the beginning of the year 1658, and was there, as he supposes, buried.(1)

William Munk

[(1) Dr Hamey supplies us with the following sketch: “Mauritius Williams, sedulus literatus elegansque medicus, ac in Hiberniâ ejusdem illustrissimo Proregi Straffordiæ Comiti gratiosus non è multis. Ab illo, omnibus in valetudine suâ moderandâ prælatus est; ab eodem, censu equestri decoratus, donatusque affine suâ in uxorem: Tanto Mæcenati annos septemdecim superfait: casûs interim tanti hærois ita memor semper et misertus, ut tamen præ erecto animo miserum eundem luctuosum Domini damnosumque fatum reddere nequiverit. Denique Idus Maii utrique lethales; Comiti quartus, Equiti tertius.”]

(Volume I, page 206)

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