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? Webb

b.? d.?
MD Padua(1603)

- Webb, MD – I am not sure whether Dr Webb is to be regarded as admitted by the College to practice. He came before the Censors in December, 1616, being then a doctor of medicine of Padua, of twelve years’ standing; was examined, approved and told to get incorporated at one of the English universities. He does not appear to have done so; and, under date 7th April, 1626, I read, “Dr Webb ao (ut ait) 1603 Patavii et hîc se prius exaiatum jam diu: sed ex Actis non apparet. Illi nomine pœnæ imponitur, ut solvat annuatim 4 li incipiendo ad festum D Joan Baptistæ proximum, quod referent Di Censores ad Dum Præsidentem.” He was a Roman Catholic, and was returned as such to the parliamentary commissioners by the College, 29th March, 1626. He resided in Black and White court, Old Bailey; and in the complete list of the College for 1628 is one of six (some of whom were undoubtedly Members) ranged immediately under the Permissi, with the heading “Sub nomine pœnæ solventes.”

William Munk

(Volume I, page 169)

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