Lives of the fellows

George Walker

b.1533 d.c.1597
AB Cantab(1553-4) AM(1557) MD(1564) FRCP(1567)

George Walker, M.D. was born in the town of Cambridge, in 1533, and is believed to have been a son of Henry Walker, M.D., regius professor of physic in the university. He was educated at Eton, and elected thence to King’s College, Cambridge, of which he was admitted scholar 14th August, 1549. He was never fellow of that college, whence he seems to have migrated to Corpus Christi College in 1552. He proceeded A.B., 1553-4; A.M., 1557; and M.D., 1564. When Queen Elizabeth visited Cambridge, in August, 1564, Dr. Walker was one of the repliers in the physic act which was kept before Her Majesty. (1) The date of his admission as a Fellow of the College of Physicians is not recorded; but it must have been about the year 1567. He was one of the Elects, but when appointed is uncertain. He was dead on the 29th November, 1597, when Dr. Thomas Langton was chosen Elect in his place. I have already mentioned Dr. Walker, when speaking of Dr. Corembek (p.55), as having assumed improper powers in Norfolk, having been summoned before the College, proving contumacious, and having in consequence been fined.

William Munk

[References: (1) Athenæ Cantab., vol.ii, p.230.]

(Volume I, page 66)

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