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Peter Turner

b.1542 d.27 May 1614
AM Cantab MD Heidelberg(1571) MD Cantab(1575) LRCP(1582) MD Oxon(1599)

Peter Turner, M.D., was the son of Dr. William Turner, the medical dean of Wells, one of the most original botanists of his age. Our present physician was a master of arts of Cambridge, and a doctor of medicine of Heidelberg, incorporated on that degree at Cambridge in 1575, and was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians 4th December, 1582. Dr. Turner held the appointment of physician to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital; and on his resignation of that office, in 1584, the College, by a formal act, solicited the treasurer and governors on behalf of Dr. Wotton. [Dr Turner was one of the representatives for Bridport Co. Dorset in the Parliaments of the 27th and 28th of Elizabeth. Hutchins? Dorset Vol II sub voce Bridport.]

We learn from Wood (1) that Dr. Turner took his degree of doctor at Heidelberg, in 1571; that he subsequently incorporated in the same degree at Cambridge, and that on the 10th July, 1599, he was incorporated at Oxford as he had stood at Heidelberg and Cambridge. [He was probably living in St Helens Bishops Gate on the 25th July 1597, when his daughter Bridget was baptized there (Coxs Annals of St Helens Bishopsgate ? 8oo Lond.] He remained a Licentiate of the College to the time of his death, which happened 27th May, 1614, at the age of 72, he was buried in the chancel of St. Olave’s Church, Hart Street. [P. near his father.] His monument there was thus inscribed:
Memoriæ Sacrum PET. TURNERO, Gulielmi Turneri patris inclyto filio, probitatis ac eruditionis fama, illustriq; Medicinæ Doctori peritissimo; quem Cantabrigia aluit, Heidelbrigia Doctoris insignibus honoravit, Oxonium cohonestavit, Pascha Turnera conjux mœstissima æternum pietatis, amoris ac doloris sui Monumentu L.M.P. Henricus Parreus Episc. Wigorniensis, Paschæ Turneræ frater, mœroris consors, piis defuncti manibus, hoc Epicedium parentavit. Obiit Maii 27 anno Dom. 1614. Ætatis suæ 72.

William Munk

[(1) Fasti Oxon., vol.i., p.781.]

[P. Was ? Prof. At Oxford & published a Latin version of the statutes.]

[Wrote a Hymn of Thanksgiving for deliverance from the Spanish Armada. Notes & Queries. July? 29 1915. p414.]

[TURNER (Peter) See also 2249/4]

(Volume I, page 84)

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