Lives of the fellows

James Blundell

b.27 December 1790 d.15 January 1878
MD Edin(1813) LRCP(1818) FRCP(1838)

James Blundell, M.D., was born in London, 27th December, 1790. He received his general education from the Rev. Thomas Thomason, A.M., and at the usual age commenced the study of medicine at the United Borough hospitals, under the immediate direction of his uncle, Dr. Haighton, the celebrated obstetrician and physiologist. He went next to Edinburgh, where he graduated doctor of medicine the 24th June, 1813 (D.M.I. de Sensu, quo Melos sentitur), an ingenious and original essay, in which he endeavoured to prove that the senses for music and of hearing are distinct though dependent. Dr. Blundell returned to London, and in 1814 began to lecture in conjunction with Dr. Haighton, on midwifery, and two or three years after commenced a course on physiology. He succeeded Dr. Haighton as lecturer at Guy’s hospital, and for many years commanded the largest midwifery class in London.(1) He ceased to lecture in 1836. Dr. Blundell was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians 25th June, 1818 and a Fellow 6th August, 1838.

We owe to him.
Researches, Physiological and Pathological, instituted principally with a view to the improvement of Medical and Surgical Practice. 8vo. Lond. 1825.
—a work of great original research, which paved the way to those bolder feats in abdominal surgery, which are among the triumphs and boasts of the present age. There have appeared also from Dr. Blundell’s pen, but under the editorship of Thomas Castle, M.D.,
Principles and Practice of Obstetricy; with notes. 8vo. Lond. 1834.
Observations on some of the more important Diseases of Women. 8vo. Lond. 1837.

William Munk

[(1) Pettigrew’s Medical Portrait Gallery. Vol.i.]

(Volume III, page 180)

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