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George Turner

b.? d.1609/10
AB Cantab(1572/3) AM(1576) MD FRCP(1587/8)

George Turner, MD, was born in Suffolk, and matriculated as a sizar of St John’s College, Cambridge, in November, 1569. He was admitted a scholar on Beresford’s foundation 9th November, 1570, and proceeded AB 1572-3, AM 1576. His degree of doctor of medicine was taken in some foreign university.(1) He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 4th September, 1584, a Fellow the last day of February, 1587-8; was Censor in 1591, 1592, 1597, 1606, 1607, and was appointed an Elect 12th August, 1602. For this office it would seem he had been considered by the College ineligible, but the difficulty was got over by the following letter:-
To our very loving Friends Mr Dr Forster, President of the Physicians of London, and to the rest of the Electors.
After our very hartie commendations.
Whereas we are given to understand that there is an Elector’s place void in your Society, and that usually heretofore choyce hath been made of the senior being equall in degrees with the rest: These are therefore to pray you (now at your election) to admytt Mr Dr Turner, who is now the senior, into that place, and not to exclude him by preferring his junior, seeing we are informed that there is no other exception to be taken but his backwardness in religion, in which he is no way tainted for malice or practice against the State, and therefore may receive this favor, seeing he is for his knowledge and practice so well esteemed by divers noblemen and others in this place, and her Majestie herself, as it were to be, wished he might not be so disgraced, especially seeing his election as we are informed is not against the Statute, and that it may be God may open his eyes hereafter to see his error, which he do wish with all our hearts. And so not doubting of your kindnesse herein, we very heartily commyt you to the protection of the Almighty.
From the Court at Otelands, this 11th of August, 1602.
Yor very loving Friends,
J Stanhope.
Ro: Cecyll.

“His literis lectis, statim itum est ad electionem Electi in locum D Jessop, qui jam dudum discessit cum pannis ab hâc civitate. Et, unanimi omnium Electorum consensu, Dr Turner eligitur pro Electo in locum prædicti Dris Jeesopi.”

On the 27th November, 1607, he was by a special grace permitted, “certis de causis,” to resign the office of Censor, to which he had been elected on the 30th September preceding. He was appointed Treasurer in 1609; but, dying “Calendis Martiis, 1609-1610, Doms Præses crumenam protulit a De Turner nuper defunct. Thesaur. relictam; in qua numeranti xxiii. libræ et vi. solidi cum libro computi privato; pecunias et computum futuro Thesaurario traditurus.”

William Munk

[(1) “Venet” is against his name in the College list for 1597.]

(Volume I, page 89)

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