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Raphael Thorius

b.? d.1625
MD Leyden LRCP(1596)

Raphael Thorius, MD, a Belgian born, who had spent some time at Oxford, where he made considerable progress in the study of medicine, but took no degree, having passed over to Leyden, graduated there, and, returning to this country, settled in London. He was summoned before the College of Physicians for illegal practice, was fined, and then, undergoing the usual examinations, was approved, and on the 23rd December, 1596, admitted a Licentiate.

Wood(1) tells us “that he practiced his faculty with good success, and was in his time accounted Coryphæus Medici Gregis, and, as a physician famous, so no vulgar poet. The works that he hath written are many, but none were published till after his death, the titles of some of which follow:
Hymnus Tabaci sive de Paeto, libri duo. Lond. 8vo. 1627.
Cheimonopegnia. Lond. 1627.
Epistolæ duæ de Isaaci Casauboni Morbi Mortisque Causâ. At the end of Casaubon’s Epistles, as published by Gronovius, 4to. 1638.

“In the first of Charles I, when the plague raged in London, he acted more for the public (by exposing his person too much) than his own dear concern. Wherefore, being deeply infected with that disease, he died of it in his house in the parish of St Benet Fincke, in July or August, 1625, but where he was buried I know not, unless in the church or churchyard of that parish.”

William Munk

[(1) Athenæ Oxon., vol. I, p.422]

(Volume I, page 109)

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