Lives of the fellows

Magnus Louttit Thomson

b.1 August 1906 d.7 June 1963
MA Aberd(1926) MB ChB Aberd(1930) MD Aberd(1936) MRCP(1935) FRCP(1949)

Magnus Louttit Thomson was born in London, the son of James Thomson, a member of the Metropolitan Police Force, and his wife, Margaret Ann, daughter of a boat builder of Wick. From Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen, he entered the arts and medical faculties of the University, and in 1930 joined Salford Royal Hospital resident staff as casualty officer. He went on to serve as house physician and medical registrar and continued unbroken service to the Hospital in some capacity until his death. In 1936 he was appointed assistant physician to the Manchester Children’s Hospital, and in 1946 became full physician, in 1940 assistant physician to Salford Royal Hospital and full physician in 1947, the year in which he was made physician to Booth Hall Hospital.

His main interest was in paediatrics, though his personal concern with diabetes provided him with a second field of interest and research; at the time of his death he was directing an investigation into the pre-diabetic state. He wrote a number of papers on children’s diseases, including those upon carotinaemia in a suckling (Arch. Dis. Childh., 1943, 18, 112), mercury nephrosis in young children (Brit. med. J., 1952, 1, 358-60), and renal dwarfism (Arch. Dis. Childh., 1945, 20, 32-4).

From its inception in 1947 he was a member of the University department of child health, and from 1960 a member of the board of the faculty of medicine in Manchester University. He was also an original member of the Manchester Paediatric Club and became its president in 1952.

Magnus Thomson was a quiet, wise and courageous man, respected by colleagues and beloved by patients. He was a keen golfer, and found great joy in painting water colours. In 1939 he married Frances Mary, daughter of George John Pettifer, water engineer, of Grimsby. They had one daughter.

Richard R Trail

[, 1963, 1, 1680; Lancet, 1963, 1, 1384.]

(Volume V, page 412)

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