Lives of the fellows

Mohamed Zaky Ahmad-Souidan

b.14 May 1913 d.15 December 1996
MB BS Cairo(1936) MRCP(1946) MD(1947) FRCP(1969)

Mohamed Zaky Ahmad-Souidan was chairman of the department of medicine at Ain Shams University (formerly the Ibrahim Pasha University), in Cairo, Egypt.

He was born in a small village in the lower delta region. The primitive agricultural conditions in the village influenced his character, giving him patience and perseverance and making him a keen observer. He decided on a career in medicine and graduated from Cairo Medical School in 1936.

He went on to an appointment in the physiology department of Cairo University. This post was invaluable for his future career, giving him a better understanding of the normal functions of the body and the aberrations of these systems. He passed his membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 1946 and gained his MD from Cairo University in 1947.

He then became a staff member of Ain Shams University. He went on to become a professor. He was chairman of the department of medicine from 1966 to 1973.

As a teacher he was admired by his pupils; they appreciated his kindness and he helped them in their careers. He also taught in many other Middle Eastern countries and some European medical schools.

As a researcher he wrote more than a hundred medical articles and five medical books.

He was a member of many Egyptian and foreign medical societies. He admired British medicine and always recommended that his students should study in the UK. He developed strong and lasting friendships with British medical colleagues.

He was a great traveller and took every opportunity to participate in medical conferences. He learnt a lot during his travels, exchanging and acquiring medical knowledge and new friends.

He was awarded by his country, gaining the order of Merit for Science and Arts of Egypt and the shield of the Egyptian Medical Union.

T Souidan

(Volume XI, page 5)

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