Lives of the fellows

Seymour Taylor

b.26 May 1851 d.30 May 1931
MB CM Aberd(1877) MD MRCS FRCP(1900)

Seymour Taylor was born at Derby, the son of Thomas D. Taylor. He went to a private school in his youth and received his medical education at Aberdeen University and St. Thomas’s Hospital; he qualified in 1872 and proceeded to the M.B, C.M, degrees five years later. He acted as demonstrator of anatomy at St. Thomas’s and as physician to the North London Hospital for Consumption in the early part of his career. His principal connection, however, was with the West London Hospital, to which he was appointed assistant physician in 1886, physician in 1900, and consulting physician when he retired. He lectured on practical medicine in its Medical School. His Index of Medicine (1894) enjoyed great popularity and passed through three editions. He had a profound knowledge of life assurance and was the Equitable Life Assurance Society’s physician for many years. He examined both for the Conjoint Board and Aberdeen University. Taylor was a man of strong, rugged personality, whose direct, abrupt interrogation of his patients sometimes caused them alarm until they were reassured by his thoroughness and sincerity. Fishing, golf and country life were his main interests. He married Edith, daughter of Edgar W. Bishop of Mill Hill, and had one son and one daughter. He died at Wembley Park.

G H Brown

[Lancet, 1931; B.M.J., 1931]

(Volume IV, page 424)

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