Lives of the fellows

John Tatham

b.5 August 1834 d.3 August 1903
MD St And MRCS LSA FRCP (1890)

John Tatham was born at Burton-in-Lonsdale, of a land-owning family. His interest in medicine was aroused when as a boy he was accommodated in a doctor’s house after an injury, and on leaving Rossall he was apprenticed to a doctor and in due course entered the Middlesex Hospital as a student. He qualified in 1857 and became a house surgeon in the Hospital. As Lord Holland’s medical adviser, he accompanied him to Naples in 1859 and remained with him till his death. He continued his studies at Paris in 1862 and qualified for the St. Andrews M.D. degree. He then settled in London and was appointed physician to the Royal Pimlico Dispensary and the West London Hospital. He was chiefly associated, however, with the Brompton Hospital, to which he became assistant physician in 1868, physician in 1873 and consulting physician on his retirement. A man of private means—which included a pension from Lord Holland’s estate—he gave little time to private practice. He died at Burton-in-Lonsdale.

G H Brown

[Lancet, 1903; B.M.J., 1903; Presidential Address to R.C.P., 1904, 32]

(Volume IV, page 345)

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