Lives of the fellows

Salah El Din Abdel Rahman Ali Taha

b.5 February 1927 d.22 August 1988
DKSM Khartoum(1952) MRCP(1963) MRCPE(1963)DCH Glas(1963) MD Khartoum(1975) FRCP(1975)

Salah Taha was born in Sudan, where his father Abdul Rahman A1 Taha was in charge of the Education Department and later Minister of Education. In the 1930s, working with the British authorities, he set up the Rural School in Deuwain and Bakht A1 Rodah where his son Salan was first educated. After Sudan gained its independence, Abdul Taha became Minister of Local Government and Salah grew up in an atmosphere of privilege. After secondary school he entered the University College of Khartoum to study medicine, which later became the University of Khartoum. He was a hardworking and serious student, obtaining prizes in public health and medicine.

While still a student he married Nimat, daughter of Abdek Razzak Ali Taha, and they had three daughters and two sons. After graduation and before finishing his house posts with the Sudanese Ministry of Health, he came to the UK for postgraduate studies, encouraged by having won the prize in medicine. He spent five years in Britain before returning to the Sudan and rejoining the Ministry of Health. He subsequently returned to the UK, with a scholarship, to obtain his membership of the College. He achieved this in 1963, together with membership of the Edinburgh College and the Glasgow DCH. On return to the Sudan he was appointed a consultant paediatrician to Khartoum Civil Hospital, under the Ministry of Health, and was later transferred to Medani Hospital, in El-Gezira province, where they were building a new paediatric centre. While there he was elected president of the El-Gezira Club and the Racing Club.

In 1973 he was posted back to Khartoum where he became consultant in charge of the Omdurman Comprehensive Child Care Centre. In 1975 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Khartoum and was elected a Fellow of the London and Edinburgh Colleges. During 1975-78 he was seconded to the United Arab Emirates as a paediatrician, working in Abu Dhabi, and was later appointed professor of paediatrics in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at King Abdul Aziz University, where he collaborated in the development of the Riyadh diploma of child health care. He had always been interested in art and literature and it was during this period that he wrote several articles for various medical journals. He returned to the Sudan in 1985 and entered politics, joining a party in which his father was a prominent member and also being elected a member of the Sudanese Parliament for the area in which he was born.

Salah was a diabetic, which was well controlled although he developed intermittent claudication. In 1987 his claudication became more marked and the pain so severe that he had to have an operation in Germany, which relieved him for a short time. He later returned to Germany, where he was told that nothing could be done. The severity of the pain brought him to London where he underwent a further operation. Unfortunately he developed a myocardial infarction two days later which resulted in his death.

Four of his children hold university degrees. His youngest daughter qualified in medicine and works in the Medical College of Gezira University, Sudan.

ABM El-Amin

(Volume IX, page 509)

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