Lives of the fellows

Arthur Daniel Stone

b.14 February 1764 d.12 August 1824
AB Oxon(1785) AM(1788) MB(1789) MD(1794) FRCP(1795)

Arthur Daniel Stone, M.D., was born the 14th February, 1764, at Worth, in Sussex, and educated at the Charterhouse, whence he was sent to University college, Oxford, and as a member of that house proceeded A. B. 11th November, 1785; A.M. 12th July, 1788; M.B. 12th May, 1789; M.D. 15th July, 1794. His medical knowledge was obtained at St. Bartholomew’s hospital and Edinburgh. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 30th September, 1794; and a Fellow, 30th September, 1795; was Censor in 1797, 1806, 1816, 1819; Harveian orator in 1804; and was named an Elect 21st July, 1818. Dr. Stone commenced his professional career at Richmond in Surrey, but in 1805 removed to London, and in 1807 was appointed physician to the Charterhouse. He resigned his office of Elect 3rd April, 1823, and his physicianship to the Charterhouse about the same time, and dying on the 12th August, 1824, was buried in the cloisters of the Charterhouse near to the chapel. We have from his pen—
A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Stomach and of Digestion. 8vo. Lond. 1806.

William Munk

(Volume II, page 445)

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