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Robert Sprackling

b.? d.c.1670
AM Oxon(1658) MD Anjou(1661) MD Cantab(1662)

Robert Sprackling, MD, was descended from a respectable family settled at St Lawrence and Ramsgate, in the isle of Thanet. He was educated at Cambridge, and, as a member of Peterhouse, proceeded master of arts, on which degree he was incorporated at Oxford 13th July, 1658. He graduated doctor of medicine at Anjou, 12th August, 1661; was admitted ad eundem at Cambridge, 28th June, 1662; and a Candidate of the College of Physicians 30th September, 1662. In sequel, as we learn from Wood, to some differences between his father and mother – the latter of whom was made away with – Dr Sprackling became discontented and unhappy, sought refuge in the church of Rome, and retiring to Preston in Lancashire, practised with considerable success among the members of his own communion. Wood affirms that he led a drunken and debauched life. Be this as it may; he eventually seceded from the faith of his adoption, and was reconciled to the Established church. Dying shortly afterwards at Preston, about the year 1670, he was there interred. He was the author of
Medela Ignorantiæ; or a just and plain Vindication of Hippocrates and Galen from the groundless Imputations of M N wherein the whole Substance of his illiterate Plea, entitled “Medela Medicinæ,” is occasionally considered. Lond. 1665.

William Munk

(Volume I, page 306)

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