Lives of the fellows

Edward Fretson Skinner

b.26 August 1880 d.28 November 1944
MA MD Cantab MRCS FRCP(1922)

The son and grandson of doctors in practice at Sheffield, Edward Skinner was born in that city and educated at Wesley College. He was an undergraduate of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he achieved distinction as an oarsman, and did his clinical training in Sheffield, afterwards proceeding to Paris. Qualifying in 1906, he held a house appointment in the Sheffield Royal Hospital and was elected to the staff of the Children’s Hospital. He was given charge of the former’s skin department in 1911 and made assistant physician in 1919, after war service in France and at the Wharn-cliffe War Hospital in Sheffield. Skinner became full physician to the Royal Hospital in 1931 and also served on the staff of the City General Hospital. He lectured on psychological medicine at the University after 1934. In the Second World War he was given charge of the department for neuroses in the Wharncliffe Emergency Hospital. His interest in psychology had grown, relatively late in his life, from his interest in neurology, which in turn had developed from his study of dermatology and syphilis. Unpretentious, kindly and selfless, Skinner died in Sheffield, survived by a son.

G H Brown

[Lancet, 1944; B.M.J., 1944]

(Volume IV, page 583)

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