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John Sims

b.1792 d.19 July 1838
MD Edin(1818) LRCP(1819)

John Sims, M.D., was born in Cheshire in 1792, and educated at Edinburgh, where he graduated doctor of medicine 1st August, 1818 (D.M.I. de Cerebri Concus-sione, malisque inde oriundis). He was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians 25th June, 1819, and settling in practice in London, was largely employed by the society of Friends, to which he himself belonged. Dr. Sims was physician to the Marylebone infirmary, and was one of the senate of the university of London. He died at his house in Cavendish-square 19th July, 1838, aged forty-six. "Dr. Sims was one of the most zealous and disinterested members of the medical profession to which he may be said to have fallen a sacrifice. About six years before he had a most dangerous illness produced by the absorption of poison while dissecting, during the prosecution of researches on morbid anatomy; a study in which he was much interested. From this severe attack he narrowly escaped. The attack, which proved fatal, was a malignant fever of a low typhoid character, which he is supposed to have caught at the St. Marylebone infirmary."(1)

William Munk

[(1) British and Foreign Medical Review, vol. vi, p. 594.]

(Volume III, page 196)

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