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Hashmat Jamil Siddiqui

b.1 January 1937 d.24 September 1992
MBBS Dacca(1963) DCH(1970) MRCP(1974) FRCP(1985)

Hashmat Siddiqui, the son of a well known chartered accountant Abdul Hasan Siddiqui of Dacca, Bangladesh, was born in Patna, India. He was educated in Dacca, Bangladesh - formerly known as East Pakistan - and obtained his medical qualification from Dacca University. He was president of the Students’ Union and heavily involved in entertainment both as an actor and producer of Urdu drama. After various hospital appointments in Dacca, he came to Britain in 1965 and worked in Scotland until 1975, becoming a keen supporter of Glasgow Celtic. He then spent two years as senior registrar in the City General Hospital at Stoke on Trent prior to his appointment as medical specialist to the Rashid Hospital, Dubai, in 1977. In 1980 he was promoted to consultant physician, with an interest in infectious disease and tropical medicine.

‘Sid’, as he was affectionately called, was a highly respected member of the Pakistan community in Dubai and he was often asked for advice on numerous topics other than medicine. He was a great cricket enthusiast and knew most of the Pakistani team - but always supported England. Professionally, he was an indefatigable worker and built up a first class infectious diseases unit. He was always much in demand for elucidation of obscure fevers. The haemorrhagic fevers and HIV viruses were particular problems that interested him. He chaired both the committee for infectious disease and the antibiotic policy committee, and was on the editorial board of the Emirates Medical Journal. He had an extraordinary memory and could quote both chapter and verse whenever a reference was required.

In the recently formed Dubai Medical College for Girls, he was an enthusiastic teacher and always seemed to have a bevy of veiled girls -students - following him round the wards. He would make patients laugh with quips in Bengali, Hindi or Urdu, as the situation required, and was a regular broadcaster on health care at the local television station in Sharjah.

Hashmat Siddiqui never lost his respect for his seniors and teachers. He was a man of great courtesy and consideration and as a corollary he too commanded respect. It would be fair comment to say that he was a unique character at the Rashid Hospital in Dubai and his sudden death at 55 years left a vacuum very difficult to fill.

He married Sanjida Bano in 1964. She survived him, together with their two daughters and a son. Three of his brothers are medical practitioners and a sister is a dental surgeon.

J R Harries

[Proc.roy.Coll.Physns.Edin, v.23, No.2 (Apr 1993)]

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