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Edward James Seymour

b.1795 d.16 April 1866
AB Cantab(1816) AM(1819) MD(1826) FRCP(1827)

Edward James Seymour, M.D., was the son of a London solicitor, and was born about 1795. After a good preparatory education he matriculated at Cambridge as a member of Jesus college, and proceeded A.B. 1816, A.M. 1819, had a licence ad practicandum from the university in 1822, and commenced M.D. in 1826. Before settling in London he spent some years in Italy, chiefly at Florence, where he was extensively consulted and made many influential English friends, who were afterwards of great service to him.

On settling in London, Dr. Seymour soon got into good business among the higher classes of society, by whom he was much trusted as a physician. He was elected physician to St. George’s hospital, 28th November, 1828, and retained that office until 1846. "He was considered one of the most distinguished of the staff that institution, an able physician, a good teacher at the bedside, and a friend to the students."

Dr. Seymour was admitted an Inceptor-Candidate of the College of Physicians 22nd December, 1823, a Candidate 30th September, 1826, and a Fellow 1st October, 1827. He was Gulstonian lecturer in 1829, Censor 1830, Croonian lecturer in 1831, and Consiliarius in 1836. On the 1st September, 1836, he was appointed a metropolitan commissioner in lunacy, and thenceforward devoted much of his time and attention to insanity. He was one of the first who used opium freely in the treatment of that disease. Broken health and broken fortunes obscured his latter days. He died after an illness of great suffering from organic disease of the stomach and liver on the 16th April, 1866, aged seventy.

Dr. Seymour was the author of—
Illustrations of Diseases of the Ovaria, with Observations on their Structure and Functions. 8vo. Lond. 1830. With a volume of Plates. Folio, Lond. 1830.
Observations on the Medical Treatment of Insanity. 8vo. Lond. 1832.
On the Nature and Treatment of Dropsy. Parts I and II, Anasarca and Ascites. With a translation of Geromini on Dropsy. 8vo. Lond. 1837.
Thoughts on the Nature and Treatment of Several Severe Diseases of the Human Body. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1847.

William Munk

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