Lives of the fellows

Mohammad Sarwar

b.26 July 1909 d.29 February 1964
MB BS Punj(1933) MRCP(1938) FRCP(1960) FCPS Pak(1963)

Mohammad Sarwar, the son of Sardar Mohammad, an inspector of post offices, and Rahmat Bibi, the daughter of Mohammad Dia, an Army contractor, was born at Gujrat, Pakistan, where he attended the Government High School and Intermediate College before entering the King Edward Medical College in Lahore. Following the posts of resident medical officer and casualty medical officer at the Mayo Hospital, where he did outstanding work for the injured evacuated to Lahore after the Quetta earthquake of 1935, he did post-graduate work in London until 1939 when he joined the Indian Medical Service.

He spent four years with the Indian General Hospitals in the Middle East and a year at the R.A.M.C. College, Millbank, and was adviser in medicine to the Indian North Command when he decided to opt for Pakistan on the partition in 1947. From 1952 he was consulting physician to its Armed Forces,and personal physician to the President until 1963, when he became commandant of the Armed Forces Medical College. He now led an increasingly busy life.

He was a member of the council of the Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons, of which he had been a founder fellow in 1962, professor of medicine in the Dow Medical College, director of the Central Heart Clinic, chairman of the Pakistan Council of Medical Research, examiner to the Punjab and Karachi Universities, and editor of the Pakistan Journal of Medical Research and the Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. For these distinguished services he received the honours of Nishan-i-Humayun from the Iranian Government in 1957, and from the Pakistan Government the Tamgha-i-Pakistan in 1960 and the Sitara-i-Quad-e-Azam in 1961. Yet he remained unassuming, warmhearted and generous, so that he was admired beyond the respect due to his powers as a physician, teacher and administrator.

In 1944 he married Shamsunnissa Begum, daughter of Nawab Abdul Khusrul Mulk, Prime Minister of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. They had no family.

Richard R Trail

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