Lives of the fellows

William Roxburgh

b.15 May 1812 d.7 April 1897
MD Edin FRCP(1857)

William Roxburgh was born at Calcutta, the son of Dr. William Roxburgh, the superintendent of the city’s Botanic Gardens, and the author of Flora Indica. He was educated at Edinburgh Academy and the University, where he graduated in 1835, and then moved to London, where he studied for a time at the Middlesex Hospital. He became a member of the original council of the Royal Botanic Society in London and took an active part in laying out its gardens. He was a member of the Royal Institution, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and a close friend of Faraday. For some years he was physician to the Western General Dispensary, but, owing to illness, he retired from practice at the age of forty-seven. He then lived at Edinburgh and elsewhere before finally settling in 1886 at Ipswich, where he died. During his last twenty years, he took a special interest in solar physics.

G H Brown

[Letter from his son, in R.C.P. Library]

(Volume IV, page 90)

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