Lives of the fellows

Assuerus Regimorter

b.? d.25 November 1650
MD Leyden(1635) MD Oxon(1636) LRCP(1639) FRCP(1643)

Assuerus Regimorter, MD, was born in London, of foreign parents, and was baptized at the Dutch church, 6th January, 1615. He was educated under the celebrated Thomas Farnaby, and then proceeded to Leyden, where he took the degree of doctor of medicine 11th February, 1635; (Diss Med Inaug de Febribus intermittentibus.) He was incorporated at Oxford, 29th March, 1636; was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians, 30th September, 1639; a Candidate, 22nd December, 1642; and a Fellow 11th November, 1643. He was Gulstonian lecturer in 1645, and Censor in 1649. Wood tells us that “he lived and practised in Lime-street during the reign of Oliver.” Dr Regimorter contributed largely to the Tractatus de Rachitide, which was brought out by Dr Glisson in 1658, and died 25th November, 1650. He bequeathed to the College twenty pounds.(1)

William Munk

[(1) Hamey supplies us with the following sketch of his life: “Ahasuerus Regimorter, Ambrosii theologi filius. Memini quanti illum faceret olim in scholâ suâ Ludimagistrorum decus Farnabius. Legi de eo encomia professorum Leydensium, cùm ibi ad gradum Doctoratus promoveretur. Audivi quàm aptè responderet Censoribus nostris cùm hìc, de novo, examen medicum pro more esset subeundum. Ipse interfui, cùm arduam imprimis illam, de capite telam ad normam Gulstonianam solertissimè in nostro theatro pertexeret. Non pauci novimus cujus eruditioni Tractatus de Rachitide acceptum ferat, quod præter cætera non solæcizet. Omnes novimus, quàm nulli coætaneo in praxi cederet, quàm comis etiam et probus, quàm sedulus et sobrius, quàmque gratus esset novissimè in Collegium, beneficio, nec invidendo, nec ullius decessorum secundo, spectatâ ætate.”]

(Volume I, page 235)

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