Lives of the fellows

Thomas Rawlins

b.? d.?
MD Cantab(1599) LRCP(1600) FRCP(1605)

Thomas Rawlins, MD, was a doctor of medicine of Cambridge (Clare Hall), of 1599, and was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians 17th March, 1600. Having refused to pay the annual fees due to the College, he was, on the 31st January, 1601-2, interdicted practice. He soon, however, made his submission, and was admitted a Candidate for some time in 1604, and a Fellow 22nd December, 1605.(1)

William Munk

[(1) A difficulty had existed as to his admission to the fellowship, but this was removed by the following letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury: “To my very loving friends, Mr D Langton, presid of the College of Phisitions, and the rest of the fellowshipp. – After my very hearty com. Whereas I have heertofore written unto you, that you should be very carefull whome you did hereafter admitt into yor Societie, and that in no wise they should be either popish Recusants or schismatical persons, wch I still insist upon, requiring you to be careful in that behalfe; yet, forasmuch as Mr Rawlins, whom I named in my former letter, hath since given me good satisfaction in those things whereon I grounded my first dislike of him, I can be contented that, notwithstanding my said former letter, you do now show unto him yor lawfull favour as his meritts in his profession shall require. And, least the said Lre remaining in yor custody might be a staine heerafter to his reputation, I pray you send the same unto me againe by this bearer, without any farther publishing thereof: and keep this my second letter as a testimony of my duty in requiring yor care as is aforesaid. And so, referring the premises to yor grave consideration, I com’itt you unto the tuition of Almighty God. At Lambeth this xith of Decemb. 1605. “Yor very loving friend. R. CANT.”]

(Volume I, page 121)

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