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William Rant

b.1604 d.15 September 1653
MB Cantab(1625) MD(1630) FRCP(1634)

William Rant, MD, was the son of Humphrey Rant, of Norwich, notary public, by his wife Katharine, and was born in that city in 1604. He was educated at Caius college, Cambridge, and as a member of that house, proceeded MB 1625, MD 1630. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 30th September, 1633, and a Fellow 30th September, 1634. He delivered in October, 1639, the first course of Gulstonian lectures, “de morbis partium quibus optimè doctissimèque se gessit.”(1) I meet with him as Censor in 1640, 1645, 1647, 1650. He retired into the country shortly before his death, which took place from marasmus on the 15th September, 1653.(2) Dr. Rant bequeathed to the College six Arabic books, which were delivered by his brother in February, 1655-6. He was buried at Thorp Market, co Norfolk, where on a large black marble tomb is the following inscription:-
This stone covers the dust of
WILLIAM RANT, Doctor of Physick,
and Fellow of the College of Physicians of London,
who, after that he had there exercised his art
with much honour and success for full twenty years,
upon the 15th day of September, 1653,
and in the forty-ninth year of his age,
finished the race of his life at Norwich,
where he first took breath to run it.
Under this stone also do lye the ashes of his dear wife, JANE, third daughter of SIR JOHN DINGLEY, knt of Wolverton, in Hampshire. She ended her life on the 11th of June, 1656. They left issue WILLIAM and JANE.

William Munk

[(1) Annales, x, Octris 1639.
(2) “Vir procerus macerque,” writes Hamey, “ac æstuantis adeo pulmonis, ut labia plerumque spumarent inter loquendum. De reliquo, nemo Socius tanti habitabat; nemo duxit tam bellulam uxorem; nemo, præ tot librorum comparandi curâ et propriô de novo, compingendi more tam instructam atque elegantem bibliothecam habuit; nemo denique suo tempore, præ scitamentis culinariis et arte opsodædalicâ tam dubiè nos excepit.”]

(Volume I, page 217)

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