Lives of the fellows

Guthrie Rankin

b.1854 d.14 September 1919
MB Glasg(1880) MD LRCS Edin FRCP Edin FRCP(1908)

Guthrie Rankin was born at Kilmarnock, the son of David Rankin, and educated at Kilmarnock Academy and Neuchatel. He studied medicine at Glasgow University and graduated as M.B. in 1880. He then passed some fifteen years in general practice, firstly at Kilmarnock and secondly at Warwick, where he acted as physician to the Dispensary and Cottage Hospital. Finally, setting up as a consultant in London, he became in 1899 physician to the Seamen’s Hospital Society, which made him consulting physician in 1917. Rankin also served on the staff of the Royal Waterloo Hospital for Children and Women, lectured on medicine at the London School of Clinical Medicine, which he helped to found in 1905, and examined for his old University. He was in no sense a specialist but had a wide knowledge of medicine, founded on his experience of general practice. Rankin married in 1883 Janet Hutcheson, daughter of John Guthrie. He died at Helford in Cornwall.

G H Brown

[B.M.J., 1919]

(Volume IV, page 493)

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