Lives of the fellows

Isaac (Sir) Pennington

b.1745 d.3 February 1817
AB Cantab(1767) AM(1770) MD(1777) FRCP(1779)

Sir Isaac Pennington, M.D., was born in Lancashire, and received his early education at the grammar school of Sedbergh. He was entered at St. John’s college, Cambridge, in 1763, and was elected a fellow of that house in 1768. He proceeded A.B. 1767; A.M. 1770; M.D. 1777; was appointed professor of chemistry in the university of Cambridge in 1773; and regius professor of medicine in 1793, when he resigned the chair of chemistry. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 13th April, 1778; a Fellow 29th March, 1779; and was Harveian orator in 1783. He was elected physician to Addenbrooke hospital in 1785, and continued in that office until his death. He received the honour of knighthood in 1796. Sir Isaac Pennington’s professional attainments were considerable, and his amiable disposition and social qualities endeared him to a numerous circle of friends. He was never married; and at the time of his death, which occurred 3rd February, 1817, in the seventy-second year of his age, he was the senior fellow of St. Johns college. The bulk of his fortune, which was considerable, he gave to St. John's college, to augment the mastership and establish exhibitions of poor scholars. To mark their gratitude and their estimation of his virtues, the master and fellows of St. Johns caused a tablet, with the following inscription, to be placed on the north wall of the ante-chapel of their college:
H. S. E.
Isaacus Pennington,
Eques Auratus, M.D.
Coll. Medicorum Regal, apud Londinum
in Acad. Cantab, primo Chemiæ
deinde Regis Mandato Medicinæ
hujus Collegii plus XLVIII. annos
In curandis morbo laborantibus
diligens, benevolens, prudens, felix,
erga omnes comis et humanus,
suorum amantissimus:
Collegium quod virtutibus vivus
Moriens suis omnibus fere bonis auxit.
Decessit annorum LXXII.
Magister et Socii
L. L. M. ponendum curaverunt.

William Munk

(Volume II, page 320)

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