Lives of the fellows

John Porter Parkinson

b.26 July 1863 d.11 July 1930
MB Lond(1888) MD FRCS(1890) FRCP(1923)

John Porter Parkinson was born in London and educated at Shrewsbury School. He studied medicine at University College, London. Having graduated as M.B. in 1888 and filled house appointments in University College Hospital, he took the F.R.C.S. in 1890 and was made demonstrator of anatomy at University College. After visiting the Paris and Vienna schools, however, he decided in favour of a physician’s career and became medical registrar at the Westminster Hospital and a clinical assistant at the Hospital for Sick Children. He was physician to the North London Hospital for Consumption for a short time, but his principal appointments were at the London Temperance Hospital and the North-East London Hospital for Children, both of which elected him consulting physician on his retirement. A man of literary and artistic tastes, Porter Parkinson died at Eastbourne, where he had spent the last years of his life. He married in 1897 Gisella Elizabeth, daughter of Signor Pezze, and had one daughter.

G H Brown

[B.M.J., 1930; Presidential Address to R.C.P., 1931, 12]

(Volume IV, page 588)

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