Lives of the fellows

William Ogle

b.January 1824 d.16 May 1905
MA MD Cantab FRCP(1868) JP

William Ogle was born at Skirbeck Vicarage, near Boston in Lincolnshire, his father being vicar of the parish. He was at school at Rugby under Dr. Arnold and an undergraduate at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, where he was afterwards elected to a fellowship. He studied medicine at Edinburgh, the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, and St. George’s Hospital, London, taking the Cambridge Licence in 1853. After a few years in London, during which he was associated with the Pimlico Provident Dispensary, he moved in 1860 to Derby where he lived for the remainder of his long life. Here he became physician and later consulting physician to the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary and founded the Nursing and Sanitary Institution. Ogle was a deeply religious man and a supporter of the Young Men’s Christian Association. He married Margaret Lambert of Bradford in 1860 and had two sons.

G H Brown

[Lancet, 1905; B.M.J., 1905]

(Volume IV, page 164)

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