Lives of the fellows

Karl Gustav Wilhelm Nylin

b.18 December 1892 d.6 August 1961
Medicine Kanditat Uppsala(1917) Medicine Licentiat Uppsala(1922) MD Uppsala(1929) *FRCP(1955)

Gustav Nylin, who was to become a great scientific worker and a cardiologist of international repute, was educated at the Stockholm Medical School. Interest in the growth of children while he was a school medical officer provided him with material for his M.D. thesis, and set him on a course of research when he was appointed an assistant at the Seraphim Hospital, of which he became chief in the physiological laboratory from 1936 to 1939. He then lectured at the Caroline Institute until, during the Second World War, he was appointed chief physician to the Sabbatsberg Hospital. There he continued investigations of cardiovascular disease that led to the classic operation of resection of the narrowed segment for coarctation of the aorta, and to his use of radio-active substances in the study of the volume of blood in different parts of the body, especially the heart, the lung and the brain, thus following up his earlier interest in the importance of the residual blood in the failing heart.

In 1952 and again in 1956 he was president of the European Society of Cardiology, which was later to elect him an honorary president. He was also an honorary member of the British Cardiac Society. In 1958 he was appointed chief of scientific research at Soderjukhuset, three years after the College elected him a Fellow.

In 1921 he married Ingrid Bjorck by whom he had two daughters.

Richard R Trail

* He was elected under the special bye-law which provides for the election to the fellowship of "Persons holding a medical qualification, but not Members of the College, who have distinguished themselves in the practice of medicine, or in the pursuit of Medical or General Science or Literature..."

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(Volume V, page 309)

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