Lives of the fellows

Mohamed El Khatim Yousif Mustafa

b.1 January 1942 d.9 June 1993
MB Khartoum(1966) PhD Bristol(1972) MRCP(1972) FRCP(1991)

Mohamed El Khatim Yousif Mustafa was professor of physiology at the Al-Ain Medical School. He was born and educated in Sudan, graduating in medicine from the University of Khartoum in 1966. He went on to study in the UK and was awarded a PhD in physiology from Bristol University in 1972. In the same year he was elected a member of the College. He returned to Sudan in 1973 to practice medicine and teach physiology and joined the University of Kuwait in 1977, where he taught and practised until the Iraqi invasion of 1990. The following year he went to the United Arab Emirates, becoming a professor of physiology at the Al-Ain Medical School.

His research interests included the management of heat stroke. He was a founding member of a team of experts who developed a new approach to the care of heat stroke patients using a specially designed body cooling unit. He also led a research team developing an integrated microprocessor based system for testing respiratory function in severely ill patients. He was killed in a road accident in the United Arab Emirates, aged just 51.

Riad Bayoumi

(Volume X, page 356)

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