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Thomas Archibald Murray

b.? d.16 March 1802
MD Edin(1796) LRCP(1801)

Thomas Archibald Murray, M.D., was born in Norwich, and was the son of Dr. John Murray, one of the leading physicians in that city. After a good preliminary education at the grammar school of North Walsham, he commenced the study of medicine at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital, under the direction of his father, who was one of the physicians to that institution. He then passed three years at Edinburgh, where he graduated doctor of medicine 4th June, 1796 (D.M.I. de Phænomenis et Natura Morbi ex Submersione ori-undi). The ensuing winter he spent in London, attending the hospitals, and more particularly the practice of Dr. Willan at the Public dispensary.

In July, 1797, he commenced business at Norwich, but in January, 1800, on the recommendation of Dr. Willan and some other friends, removed to London, and was forthwith elected physician to the Public dispensary. Dr. Murray was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians 5th June, 1801. "This active, intelligent, and promissing physician, through whose exertions, aided by the Society for bettering the Condition of the Poor, the London Fever Hospital was established, and to which he was nominated physician, was unfortunately cut off by fever, caught from the first patients admitted into the institution." Dr. Murray died at his house in Greville street, Hatton-garden, the 16th March, 1802.

He was the author of—
Remarks on the Situation of the Poor in the Metropolis as contributing to the progress of Contagious Disease: with a Plan for the Institution of Houses of Recovery for Persons affeted with Fever. 8vo. Lond. 1801.

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