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Thomas Moundeford

b.c.1546 d.c.1630
MD Cantab LRCP(1593) FRCP(1593/4)

Thomas Moundeford, M.D., was a younger son of Sir Edmund Moundeford, of Feltwell, co. Norfolk, knight. Of his general or medical education I can recover no particulars. [He was educated at Eton and then at King’s Coll. Cambridge.] Being than a doctor of medicine of Cambridge, he was, on the 9th April, 1593, admitted a Licentiate, and on the 29th January, 1593-4, a Fellow of the College of Physicians. He was Censor in 1595, 1600, 1603, 1604, 1606, 1607, 1608; Elect, 17th June, 1608, in place of Dr. Baronsdale, deceased; Treasurer, 1608; Consiliarius, 1610, 1616, 1618, 1620, 1626, 1627, 1628, 1629; and President, 1612, 1613, 1614, 1619, 1621, 1622, 1623.

Dr. [Daughter, Briggett married John Brampston (Harl. Soc. 13 & 14) Vis. Essex.1.157, 356, 2.641] [P. Sir John B. m. Bridget, d. of T.M., & had 3 sons.] Moundeford’s death took place in Philip Lane, London, in the house of his son-in-law, sir John Bramston, lord chief justice of the King’s Bench, he being then 84 years old and blind (1); but the date of his death does not appear. He was certainly dead 22nd December, 1630, when Dr. Fox was named Elect in his place. His grandson, Sir John Bramston, K.B., characterises him as “a learned and eminent man in that profesion (of phisick) as any in that time.” (2)

William Munk

[(1)“Autobiography of Sir John Bramston,” printed for the Camden Society, 1845, p.15. (2)Ibid, p.7.]

[Dr Moundeford was the author of a little book entitled ? 1622.]
[Under Du Laurens in S.T.C.]
[c.1598?] Thomas Monforde, Dr. in Physic, has complained of him for misdemeanours both against the Society of Physicians and against him. Since his approbation by the College he never refused conference with any of them, nor joined with others not approved. He has found many of the ancient and graver sort favourable to him, but some of the juniors have been his accusers and judges, censuring him before any cause was propounded or proved, and fining him for curing some. Dr. Monforde maliciously slandered him with a report that he had killed John Pasfeilde, whom he never saw. He first offered the cause to the ordering of the President and four of the College, but Monforde broke their order. Prays his lordship’s leave to prosecute Monforde for the slander, and that he may not be hindered by their warrants from manifesting his innocence. Undated. 1 p. (186. 127) From: - Historical Manuscripts Commission Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Marquess of Salisbury at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. Pt. 14. 1923. p.94.]

(Volume I, page 103)

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