Lives of the fellows

John Moore

b.? d.November 1641

John Moore, MD, was a Licentiate of the College, but I have not succeeded in finding a note of his admission: it must have been, I believe, about the year 1618. He was returned by the College to the parliamentary commissioners as a catholic, 29th March, 1626; and in the list for 1628 is the first named of six, most, if not all, of whom were catholics, who stand immediately below the Permissi with the heading, “Sub nomine pœnæ solventes.” He died in November, 1641.(1)

William Munk

[(1) “Dr Moore,” says Hamey, “ritus moresque antiquos novis, vitam cœlibem conjugali, facetias austeritati, praxin aulicam urbanæ, atque æternitatem denique cæteris omnibus grandævus prætulit, exeunte mense Novemb. 1641.”]

(Volume I, page 174)

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