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Shiva Saran Misra

b.16 December 1905 d.14 August 1972
MD Lucknow(1933) MRCP(1936) FRCP(1958)

Misra’s early schooling was at Lucknow and Allabad, and from his schooldays he excelled in his studies, a record which he kept up throughout his career by winning numerous prizes, medals and scholarships, and he was indeed the first Lucknow graduate to get honours with his MD. In 1935 he came to England, working at The London Hospital Medical School, obtaining his MRCP in the following year, and working with Sir Ashley Miles on bacteriophages. He returned to his Alma Mater as Lecturer in Medicine in 1938, and was promoted to Reader in 1945, becoming Professor of Clinical Medicine in 1948. In 1960 he became Head of the Department of Medicine (KGM College) from which he retired in 1966.

From the beginning of his career he took a very keen interest in medical research and was a prolific writer. His special fields of interest included liver cirrhosis, bronchiectasis, tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, and chronic colitis with special reference to amoebiasis. He was a familiar figure at both national and international medical conferences. He was a strong supporter of the All India medical conferences and participated in many of the early post-war international conferences. He was the only Indian doctor invited to London as a special guest of the Royal College of Physicians on the occasion of the Inauguration of the new Royal College of Physicians by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 1964.

In 1955-56 he had the opportunity of travelling extensively throughout the United States of America as Visiting Professor and participant in the Foreign Leaders’ Programme of the International Educational Exchange Service of the United States Department of State. He was revered by generations of medical students. He had a particularly delightful personality, charming manners and genial temperament. He was a general physician with a special interest in gastroenterology and the first well-known Indian physician to establish an international reputation on the basis of his research work and contributions at international conferences.

Misra was a man of wide interests, widely read, and was well-known for his interest in growing roses and dahlias, and for his fondness for long, daily, early-morning walks. He was very fond of Indian classical music and dancing, an interest deeply shared with his wife, Susheela Misra, who was herself a classical singer and a music producer in the All India Radio. He enjoyed greatly all social occasions, and often used to arrange soirées in his home with some of the top musicians of the country. He was first married at the age of 15, and in 1944 married Susheela, the daughter of Professor P. Sankaran Nambiyar, an eminent scholar and educationalist in Southern India. There were sons by the first marriage and one by the second.

Sir Francis Avery Jones

[J. Assoc. Physicians of India, Dec 1972, 20, 12]

(Volume VI, page 340)

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